My kids!

Let me tell you about all of my kids! First there is Sarah. She is my step daughter and is 13. Sarah lives full time with her mom and visits us every other weekend and spends every other week in the summer. She is a quiet soft spoken girl who is as kind as they come. She seems to accept everyone at face value but keeps most feelings very private. It is hard knowing a lot about her since we cannot be involved in her daily life the way we would like to be. The relationship with her mother and brad is strained at best. I have done my best to try and have open communication with the mother however it has not worked out. There is only so much the step mom can do. I am sure you will read a lot about it in the future! It is a constant negetive in our life. But Sarah is the constant light that will always shine brighter and give us a reason to keep going no mater what is thrown at us!

Next is Tailon. He is my 5 year old. Every since he was 6 months old he only played with a stick and a ball. He has shown very little interest in any other type of toy. He loves sports. He plays hockey and lacrosse. In the summer he plays every type of sport with a ball in the back yard. In the winter he plays every type of sport on the wii or iPad. It is hard to direct his interest another way. He is smart. He is doing enriched work in kindergarden now simply because he became to bored with the work they were doing because it came to easily. He loves math. He is working on grade 2 math at home. No, this isn’t because I am pushing him to learn and get ahead. I am a believer in if they show the ability and interest, why make them wait until they “should” be doing it? He is WANTS to do it now. Go for it buddy. He is showing now he is thoughtful towards others. Showing concern for others being left out etc… It is nice to see that quality. He can e sensitive but only around me. He is tough when he needs to be…. Or thinks he needs to be haha.

Next is maddex. He will turn 2 in 2 weeks. He is a whole bundle of energy. And so, so funny. I think he will be quite the character. He goes out of the way to try to make you laugh. He loves stealing the spot where you were sitting, wearing your shoes and loves loves loves baby’s. Wants to hold them and kiss them all the time. So funny.

Next is baby on the way! We don’t know if it is a boy or a girl yet…so stay tuned :)